How It Works


The following questions will help determine if Stop Gap Dental is the right app for you.

Office Owners/Management:

1) Has the soft chirp of your phone early in the morning ever caused you to panic, your heart to race or make you want to shout “NOOOOO, NOT TODAY!”

(and on certain days maybe even a few words that could make a sailor blush)  

2) Have you ever rushed to get ready as you played a twisted version of Jenga in your head trying to visualize your schedule to start planning where and how you can rearrange patients to accommodate them after finding out one of your lead assistant has the flu? 

(extra points if you ever questioned whether or not you remembered to put on deodorant after rushing out the door)

3) Have you ever cringed at the thought of having to call and reschedule patients that the team worked so hard to get on the schedule to begin with because one of your hygienist kids is sick and had to be rushed to the doctor?

Individuals/Dental Personnel:

4) Has an unexpected expense ever make you think my job says we are open four days a week but my expenses are saying you need to be working at least five?

5) Do you love Temping but find it hard to get connected with Offices to let them know that you are available without signing a contract or feeling like you are constantly saying “I’m available. I’m available”?

6) Are you new to the industry and finding it hard to get hired for most positions without having years of experience under your belt but don’t know how else to build your professional references?  

If you answered YES to any the questions listed above, Stop Gap Dental was made for YOU!

Finding and filling temporary dental jobs is now as easy as READY..SET..GO!

GET READY: Sign up with Stop Gap Dental and create your profile. For Individuals and Offices, this is your opportunity to shine! Share your experience and set your rate. Select your skills, any specialization and services offered to help find the best matches. Add a photo of yourself or your Office. Be sure to add an introductory video to let others know more about you or the Office and what you have to offer. 

GET SET: Set your availability.  Are you available every Monday or have a Hygienist that is going on vacation next month? Both Individuals looking for Temp jobs and Offices looking for the perfect Temp can add future and/or recurring availability to plan in advance. No time to plan? No problem! Simply toggle ON (green) from your home screen to let people know you have an immediate staffing emergency or if you became available at the last minute (think of it as your own personal dental bat signal). Either way, you will instantly be able to see and be seen by those looking for exactly what you are offering. 

GO: See an Office you like? Send them a Bid for their available job. See the perfect Temp? Send them a Request. That’s right! You don’t have to wait and hope to hear from someone. You can reach out to them and they can reach out to you, doubling your opportunity for success! Confirm a Bid or Request and your Calendar is automatically updated. When it is time to go to work simply tap the Job and you can navigate to the Office with ease, start and complete job, submit hours and get paid directly from within the app. Finish up with a review to build your profile.

NO costly membership        NO pay to post

NO subscription required     NO contracts  

FREE for Individuals to post availability    FREE for Offices to post available jobs.

ONLY a small  10% booking fee is charged and paid by Offices upon completion of each temporary job. 

 For security purposes, Stop Gap Dental, LLC does not ask for or collect SSN within the application. This information is to be requested by and/or provided by Individuals to Offices upon beginning an agreed upon Temporary Job. 

For more detailed information on how to use all of the amazing features of Stop Gap Dental and more Helpful Hints, be sure to check out the Resource Center located inside the Dashboard.

For your convenience, direct links to these forms are available to print/download in the Resource Center.